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FormGenie Horseracing Software prediction program is a brilliant cross-platform web app (for PC, MAC, Tablets and Smart Phones) that predicts horse racing results with stunning accuracy. A very easy to use front end masks immensely complicated algorithms that generate unique proprietary speed figures and form ratings by analysing a multitude of vital factors that are displayed in a very quick, simple and unambiguous format to our subscribers. Developed by Retrospection Software Ltd in April 2006 we have 14 years of repeat customers and are adept at intelligent upselling boosting initial and subsequent basket value for which you will earn substantial commissions. Uniquely, we offer a free unfettered live trail of our horse racing tips. Cookies are logged with trial-ees for 60 days so when a purchase is made you earn money. We have a very impressive conversion rate o fusers sampling the free trial to becoming paid up members. Our product range is from £10 per day pass to £749 annual assess so your earning potential is huge.

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